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Rinjani Trekking & Leisure
Rinjani Trekking
Climb spectacular Mount Rinjani then enjoy the cultural highlights of Lombok and tranquil Gili islands. Discover the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination from the Indonesia's second highest peak mount Rinjani, the pristine white sand beaches south coast , through deep under water of the Gili islands.

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We will take you to the best Lombok Holiday tour destinations for your comfort 5 days fully organised Lombok leisure holiday tours package. Experience the Lombok's best tourism and travel destination. Whether you want to immerse your self into a cultural tribe, get some great deals at the local markets, sunbathe on some untouched beaches or experience the wonderful underwater world, we have something for you!

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Lombok has a so much for you to see, do and experience. The are number of interesting places to visit and ample of activities you can do such as Surfing, Trekking, Diving, mountain climbing, sea kayaking, golfing, Day trips, cycling, rice field walk, island camping, snorkelling, sailing, rent car and much more.

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Mount Rinjani Trekking FAQ's
Rinjani Trekking Flora and Fauna Information

Our trekking packages are sets to minimize the impact on the environment, wildlife and plants. We provide high quality of mountain camping gears and hire only experience local mountain guide and local porters to give total satisfaction to our clients and supporting the sustainable eco tourism.

The most comment asking question on Rinjani Trekking

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Q. What time is the trek start?
A. As early as possible. The weather and views are better in the morning. Usually before 10:00AM.
Q. What time is the pick up time if I stay in Senggigi or Mataram area?
A. Pick up point at the hotel's lobby is at 06:00AM, anywhere in Senggigi or Mataram. For those who stay in Gili Islands, the pick up point would be at Bangsal Harbor at 07:00, please arrange your self boat transport from the Gilis to the harbor.
Q. Where can I leave my extra luggage during the trek programme?
A. You can leave them in our office or in our base in Senaru. You can have all your luggage back after the trek ends. The Car who pick you up will come with all your belongings.
Q. I am coming from Singapore by Silk Air, arrival time is late, which programme should I take as I need 1 night accommodation before I started the trek?
A. You can take the 4 days package or 5 days trekking programe. This package includes accommodation at 3-4 stars hotel in Senggigi area.
Q. What is Volcanology Trek?
A. Volcanology Trek is our new product which separate from other trek package. This programme visiting the Gunung Baru (baby volcano) and started from different trek trail (Torean). This trek designed for those who have advanced experiences. Not recommended for beginners.
Q. How many guide and porter prepared for each programme?
A. For participant/s of 2 persons, we provide 1 mountain guide + 2 porters. Guests only carry their personal daypack. The rest of equipment, logistics and tools are carried by our porters. If needed under circumstances, we can provide extra porters with extra cost of US $ 25/day.
Q. Where can I get the update information on weather condition of Rinjani national park?
A. You can get the most update weather conditions for Mt. Rinjani at USGS website. We have been keep in touch with our base in Senaru to get updated with the current information up in the mountain, so please feel free to contact us about the updated information.
Q. Are we traveling in a big group sharing or individual group?
A. Upon request, you can be handled separately from our groups that departing on the same date. If you travel in family group, or just among friends or colleagues we can adjust our programme to meet your needs.
Q. Do the guide and porters speaks English?
A. Yes, all our mountain guide and porters speak English.
Q. When is the peak season of the Trekking and when is the time when it is not possible to do the trek?
A. Peak Season of the trekking is June, July and August. The lowest season is mid-January to February due to the heavy rain. Due to the tropical climate that Lombok has, almost all year round it is possible to do trek unless the activity of the volcano raised. Usually we will get an official fax notification from the Meteorology & Geo fisika Department and National Park Management about the current activity of the volcano.
Rinjani Edelweis Flower Mount Rinjani Flower Mount Rinjani Flora
Gili Island Beach Mount Rinjani Strawberry Mount Rinjani Grass

Help to keep the park unspoiled for future visitors

Environment Code

These guidelines help minimize the impact of your visit on the natural environment and also on other visitors. Help to keep the park unspoiled for future visitors.

Remove rubbish : Litter is unattractive, harmful to wildlife and the environment. Plan your trip to minimize rubbish by not taking bottles and cans. Rinjani has a “pack it in –pack it out” policy, so be sure to carry out whatever you carry in.

Stay on the track : By keeping to the trail, you avoid trampling undergrowth and risking getting lost in the forest.

Camp with care : When camping, leave no trace of your visit.
Keep streams and lakes clean; wash well away from the water source by taking water in a container.
Soap and detergent are harmful to the creatures that live in the streams. Drain used water into the ground.

Bury toilet waste : In areas without toilet facilities, bury your toilet waste in a shallow hole well away from waterways, tracts, campsites and shelters. We provided a toilet tent for everyone who joint with our Rinjani trekking package. Take care with fires. Portable fuel stoves are less harmful to the environment and are more efficient than fires. If you must use a fire, keep it small and make sure that the fire is out before leaving by dousing it with water and checking the ashes.

Respect cultural and natural heritage : Help protect the spiritual and historical significance of Mt. Rinjani by respecting our local culture. Conserve wildlife and plants of the national park by not removing anything.

Consider other visitors : Walk quietly trough the forest so that you do not disturb the wildlife that you and others have come to see.

Enjoy your visit : Enjoy your visit! Before leaving the area take one last look. Will the next visitor know that you have been here?

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