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Java Tour - Mount Bromo
Experience tour to Java Indonesia, one of Indonesia's largest island. We've designed tour package to visit the best travel destinations to visit on your Java Indonesia holiday.we take you to experience one of the world's classic overland routes. Your "journey through time" of Java Bali Overland begins in Jakarta and travels through lush Indonesian countryside in Bali. You climb Mount Bromo, enjoy superb beaches and discover remnants of Indonesia's past empires.

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The Java Adventure tour package designed for who want explorer Java Active volcanoes.
We will take you to the most active volcano around Java, from west Java to East Java. Your trekking venture begin from the most biggest explosive volcanoes in the world of mount Krakatoa, watch the amazing sunrise on mount Bromo East Java and get pampered and relaxing in Bali the island of God.

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Ujung Kulon National Park 4 Days Tour

Java Rinho Indonesia

Ujung Kulon National Park Tour on West Java Indonesia, a 4 days fully organized tour package. This tour are recommended for trevellers who have short time but want to experience the Ujung Kulon National Park included the islands of Handeleum and Peucang island. The tour starting from Carita beach and cruising by wooden boat through Peucang island stay over night on this beautiful island and explorer the Ujung Kulon National Park from Handeleum island.

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Ujung Kulon National Park is the first national park, founded in Indonesia. The park (80,000 ha) lies on a peninsula in south-west Java and includes the islands Pulau Peucang, Pulau Panaitan and the Krakatau archipelago. On 1 February, 1992, the Proposed Ujung Kulon National Park complex and the Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve were declared a World Heritage Site. The borders on the north, south and west side of Ujung Kulon are made up by the Indian Ocean. The Honje mountain range, including the highest point of the park Gunung Honje (620 m), forms the eastern border. The Indian Ocean is the main access route. It includes the volcanic island group of Krakatoa and other islands including Handeuleum and Peucang. The park encompasses an area of 1,206 km² (443 km² marine), most of which lies on a peninsula reaching into the Indian Ocean.

Permits for the park are available at the town of Labuan, where there is a National Park office. There is also an office at Tamanjaya. Accommodation is available on Handeuleum and Peucang islands.

This national park, located in the extreme south-western tip of Java on the Sunda shelf, includes the Ujung Kulon peninsula and several offshore islands and encompasses the natural reserve of Krakatoa. In addition to its natural beauty and geological interest – particularly for the study of inland volcanoes – it contains the largest remaining area of lowland rainforests in the Java plain. Several species of endangered plants and animals can be found there, the Javan rhinoceros being the most seriously under threat.

Ujung Kulon has large tracts of undisturbed lowland rainforest, swamps and beaches. Because it is protected on three sides by sea, and on the fourth by the Honje mountains, it has provided a refuge for wildlife, some of which are now rare in the rest of heavily populated Java (population: over 100 million). And it has always been of extremely high conservation value and contains several species of endangered or threatened animals. Oriental small-clawed otters, hornbills, leopards, Asian wild dogs, Javan leaf monkeys, crocodiles, green peafowl, Javan gibbons, Javan warty pigs, green turtles, milky storks and Banteng wild cattle all make their homes here. In total, over 350 species of animals and 250 species of birds have so far been recorded here.

The most important resident of the park is the Javan or Lesser One-horned rhinoceros. This is the most endangered large mammal in the world and only two wild populations remain (there are no Javan rhinoceros in captivity). Ujung Kulon contains 50-60 animals while Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam has another 10-15 with different physical characteristics. The two subspecies used to be common over India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sumatra and Java.

Single-horned RhinocerousHabitats in the park consists of lowland rainforest, swamp, mangrove and beach forest. Vegetation on Pulau Panaitan consists of dry-beach forest, mangrove forest and lowland rain forest which is characterized by an abudance of palms. On Anak Krakatau, the island that came into existence after the Krakatau exploded, flora and fauna are still young. Small animals and birds gradually colonize the lava island. The principal flora consists of grasslands, beach forest, lowland rain forest and moss forests at the higher altitudes. The most important reason to declare Ujung Kulon a National Park is the existence of the almost-extinct Javan Rhinoceroses in the area. The population of these extremely endangered animals in Ujung Kulon is estimated to be 50-60.

Trip Information
Ujung Kulon Tour
Duration : 4 days / 3 Night
Accommodations : Lodge / Guest House.
Transportations : Large wooden Boat, Wooden Canoe
Start / end : Carita beach
Grade : Moderate
Activities: Walking, trekking, Cruising

Ujung Kulon Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Start After breakfast from Carita Beach to Sumur. Sumur is a fishing village near Ujung Kulon it is a 2,5 - 3 hour drive from Carita through hills , jungles , and rice fields and country side. Arrive at Sumur and directly sailing to Peucang island the journey which will take us about 2,5 - 3 hours. On the way to peucang we will visit nyawaan white sandy beaches for swimming and snorkeling. Arrive at Peucang island at about 12.00, the unique and delightful Peucang island lies and clear blue water off the north western coast line of the National park. It is white sand beaches. Calm, quite and coral reef shore hold a fascinating world marine life. Here also easy to see a lot of grey monkey, deers, wild pig, kinds of bird and lizard hotel Check in and free time… Lunch will be serve at local restaurant. At 14.00 After Lunch we will do trekking (on the island) to Karang Copong which will take About 3 Hours Return, Here we will see Kind of Primary Rain Forest and wild life , Back to Accommodation. Coffee time and free time… also possible swimming and snorkeling at the white sandy beaches of Peucang island Diner will be serve at local restaurant Stay over night here ( L, D ).

Day 2: After breakfast at 07.00 by boat to Cibom ( The old duct port )continue to Ciramea the southern part of Ujungkilon to search the Green Turtle and egg are often seen in this beach. Continue tracking to Tanjung Layar ( Old light House here we can see the view of Indian Ocean and Sunda Trait) Tanjung layer tracking to Cibom on the way possible to see wild life and Back to Pecang Island Lunch will be serve at restaurant Free time….At 14.00 we go to snorkeling to Cipenyu at other side of peucang island back to the island, coffee time and free time…At 17.00 we go to Cidaon Grazing ground at mainland to see wild life here we try to see the wild java buffalo , kind of birds, horn bill, peacock, wild pig. Sunset time at Cidaon jetty. Back to Peucang Island dinner will be serve at local Restaurant Free time stay over night here ( B, L, D ).

Day 3: ( After breakfast ) at 08.00 start sailing to Handeleum island ( Ujung Kulon National Park) this journey will take as about 1,5 hours On the way to handeleum island we can visit blue lagoon of Legon Waru beach for swimming and snorkeling. Handeleum island situated among a group of small island just off the north eastern coast of the Ujung Kulon Peninsula. Here we will see also the group of mangrove island, Lunch will be serve at the island Check in at guest house / simple accommodation Lunch will be serve at the island / on board At about 14 00 we go to cigenter river by boat for canoeing than canoes trip up the Cigenter river on the mainland, meander through overhanging rain forest for 2 hours. The habitat of python, hornbill, type of monkey where crocodile and rhino are occasionally sight in this area, also we will visit cigenter grazing ground / feeding ground, back to the boat and back to the Handeleum island Dinner and free time… stay over night at log or simple accommodation ( B, L, D ).

Day 4: After breakfast at 09.00 prepare to check out, sail back to Sumur, this journey will take us about 1 hour. On the way to Sumur we will stop over on Badul Island, a small uninhabited , reef-lined island with beautiful coral reef, colorful fishes and white sand beaches. swimming and snorkeling here, lunch will be serve on board. Arrive at Sumur at about 13.00 , sumur. Trip Conclude ( L, D ).

What's Included:
Large Wooden boat , guide , entry permit , self insurance, healthy food , fruits, mineral water, soft drink snack and snorkeling equipment. Local tour, Accommodation,

What To carry:
camera, shoes, sun block / lotion, swim suit, day pack personal need.

PS: The trip itinerary is very much dependent on the weather probably chance accordingly

How to Book
To book the Ujung Kulon Tour Package, you will need to email: info [at] lombokhotelandtravel.com or call us at +62 370 6650238 or call us about the price and availability. Please describe your wish and want includes your details such as name of the participants, nationality, date of travelling, etc. We are pleased to work on pre payment system, once your booking confirmed we will email you a booking reference number of of your requested includes details trips and travellers, accommodation, date, price, name of the guide, and any included on the services. Also invoice stated of the service, when we receipt your payment into our account we will be then email you travel voucher for your travelling purpose.

Private Group
We only take small group of minimum of two persons and maximum 10 persons to maximize safety and service to all participants. This package are private only for your group, if you want to share with other group please contact us. The tour package are fully organized combine ecotourism, adventure, leisure, and safety.

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