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Java Bali Overland Trip
Java Tour - Mount Bromo
Experience tour to Java Indonesia, one of Indonesia's largest island. We've designed tour package to visit the best travel destinations to visit on your Java Indonesia holiday.we take you to experience one of the world's classic overland routes. Your "journey through time" of Java Bali Overland begins in Jakarta and travels through lush Indonesian countryside in Bali. You climb Mount Bromo, enjoy superb beaches and discover remnants of Indonesia's past empires.

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The Java Adventure tour package designed for who want explorer Java Active volcanoes.
We will take you to the most active volcano around Java, from west Java to East Java. Your trekking venture begin from the most biggest explosive volcanoes in the world of mount Krakatoa, watch the amazing sunrise on mount Bromo East Java and get pampered and relaxing in Bali the island of God.

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Tour and Climbing To Bromo, Ijen and Mount Semeru

Tour To Semeru Ijen and Bromo East Java Indonesia Volcano
The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park covers some 800 square kilometers in the centre of East Java. It is the largest volcanic region in the province and there stands Mt. Semeru, which rises 3676 meters above sea level.
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While it may be small when measured against other volcanoes in Indonesia, the magnificent Mt Bromo will not disappoint with its spectacular views and dramatic landscapes. At 2392 meters tall, Mt Bromo is not among the tallest of Indonesia’s mountains but its stunning beauty lies in its incredible setting.

From a vantage point on Mount Penanjakan (2,770 meters above sea level) visitors from around the world come to see the sunrise over Mt Bromo. From this spot the vista is magnificent. All you will hear is the click of cameras as visitors snap their camera’s hoping to capture the incredible scene of Mt Bromo in the foreground with Mt Semeru smoking in the distance and the sun shining brightly, quickly rising in the sky.

The eerie landscape has spurned countless legends and myths. Mt Bromo has particular significance for the Tengger people who believe that this was the site where a brave prince sacrificed his life for his family. The people here appease the Gods once a year during the annual Kasada festival where offerings of vegetables, chickens and money are thrown into the crater of the volcano.

On this Bromo tour package you will experience mount Bromo Sunrise ( if weather permit), Sea Sand, and other local amenities. The 2 days mount Bromo tour are recommended for travellers who have short time but wish to discover the Mount Bromo, Tengger, and Semeru national park.

Ijen Crater
Ijen plateau or known as "Kawah Ijen" is highly recommended to mountain buffs and hikers. The Plateau was at one time a huge active crater, 134 sq km in area. Today, Ijen is a quiet but active volcano, and the landscape is dominated by the volcanic cones of Ijen (2,368 asl) and Merapi (2,800 asl) on the northeastern edge of the Plateau, and Raung (3,332 asl) on the southwest corner.

The magnificent turquoise sulfur lake of Kawah Ijen lies at 2148 m above sea level and is surrounded by the volcanos sheer crater walls. The vent is a source of sulfur and collectors work here, making the trek up to the crater and down to the lake every day. Sulfur collectors hike up in the morning and return around 1 pm when the clouds roll in. They carry shoulder basket of pure sulfur from a quarry on the lakes edge under the shadow of the sheer walls of the crater. The mineral at Kawah Ijen is purer and is worth commercial exploitation despite the horrendous labor involved: Javas homegrown sulfur is a natural source of sulfuric acid, in great demand in the oil-refining business and in the production of fertilizers.

Mount Semeru
Semeru, the highest volcano on Java, and one of its most active, lies at the southern end of a volcanic massif extending north to the Tengger caldera. The steep-sided volcano, also referred to as Mahameru (Great Mountain), rises abruptly to 3676 m above coastal plains to the south. Gunung Semeru was constructed south of the overlapping Ajek-ajek and Jambangan calderas. A line of lake-filled maars was constructed along a N-S trend cutting through the summit, and cinder cones and lava domes occupy the eastern and NE flanks. Summit topography is complicated by the shifting of craters from NW to SE. Frequent 19th and 20th century eruptions were dominated by small-to-moderate explosions from the summit crater, with occasional lava flows and larger explosive eruptions accompanied by pyroclastic flows that have reached the lower flanks of the volcano. Semeru has been in almost continuous eruption since 1967.

How to Book
To book the tour package:, you will need to email: info [at] lombokhotelandtravel.com or call us at +62 370 6650238 or call us about the price and availability. Please describe your wish and want includes your details such as name of the participants, nationality, date of travelling, etc. We are pleased to work on pre payment system, once your booking confirmed we will email you a booking reference number of of your requested includes details trips and travellers, accommodation, date, price, name of the guide, and any included on the services. Also invoice stated of the service, when we receipt your payment into our account we will be then email you travel voucher for your travelling purpose.

Private Group
We only take small group of minimum of two persons and maximum 10 persons to maximize safety and service to all participants. This package are private only for your group, if you want to share with other group please contact us. The tour package are fully organized combine ecotourism, adventure, leisure, and safety.

Why Travel With Adventure Lombok,
We are specialize in personalized tours. This tours package are run by our local staff contact, to ensure your holiday tour will be professionally run and safe. We are at Adventure Lombok Tour are ready to chat to anyone regarding your dream trip to Indonesia Islands. We believe we offer the best service and the best tours on the island.

Mount Bromo - Ijen Crater - Semeru Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Upon arrival at Juanda airport Surabaya our local staff will greet and meet you then proceed to Mount Bromo area on a private coach. en routing rural settlement and hilly road with green coloring of paddy field along the way will make your eyes fresh. Check in the hotel located at the last village, which it is facing to smokes Bromo crater.

Day 2: Morning call at 3 am then the participant(s) will be escorted to Pananjakan/view point 2724 asl by 4wd Jeep, having coffee break at local food stall then we'll see the sunrise (if the weather is possibly) and also the fantastic view of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Red – Yellow silhouette drift on slowly from zero point eastern of mountain range. Beautiful landscape of Semeru – Bromo caldera valley will absolutely spoiling your eyes.

This day will be free for you to relax and explore this magnificent national park. You have the option of joining your guide for an easy walk or driving with 4x4(ca. 1hrs round trip) from the view point of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park (its last eruptions were in Nov. 2000 and June 2004). You have the choice of climbing the mountain and into the crater if you wish - depending on its activity level. Tens of thousands of Indonesian and foreign tourist make this climb every year.

Day 3: Today we get up early with our backpacks already packed. After a hot coffee or tea and a lights breakfast, equipped with only the necessary gear for 3 days trekking (you can leave the rest of your gear at the hotel) off-road jeeps are waiting to take you to the beginning of the trail to Mt Semeru. With the spectacular light of sunrise, we cross the table-like flat bottom of the caldera, pass by Bromo volcano, and climb the opposite rim of the steep caldera. From here we have a first view onto the ash-belching volcano Semeru.

After a short time we reach a small village at the start of the trail, where a hearty breakfast awaits you in a simple restaurant. In the meanwhile, porters will take care of our food and equipment and start going first. With only water, snacks and cameras in our backpacks, we start our first long trekking day. The path is in most parts easy to walk and goes through thick bushes and rainforests, that finally thin out, until the volcanic wildernes at the base of the steep summit cone is reached. Including stops and walking at normal pace, it will take us about 8-10 hrs to reach the base camp at about 2760m elevation (Kali mati). A delicious warm BBQ dinner at the campsite will restore our energy for the next day. (Your guide is a master of the Swiss dish: raclette).

Day 4: Taking a hot tea or coffee, then we start well before sunrise on the final, but demanding climb up the very steep, loose slope of Semeru. As it gets light, the stunning spectacle of the volcano's eruptions (gas emissions) comes slowly into view.

Finally, we will stand on Java's highest peak with incredible views over Java and Bali, with many other volcanic peaks around and below us. In the near distance we can see Semeru volcano's crater throwing out its curling plumes of ash. This is a highlight in the true sense of the word, and it will remain as a vivid picture of our trip. Caution must, however, be exercised while we are on the summit plateau - an approach to the proper crater rim is off-limits - people have died there! After some time spent on or near the summit plateau, we head back to our second camp, near a lake, where we can relax.

Day 5: We hike back to Ranu Pani, where we will have lunch; afterwards, Our mini bus will bring us back to the village of Senduro, crossing the rain forest and villages with rice terrace field view of the long the way to the Lava dam of Semeru volcano. we will return to our next destination to Ijen plateau.

After a late breakfast back at the hotel, we leave the area by minibus, driving through beautiful scenery until we reach the Ijen Plateau by afternoon. Here, we spend the night in the middle of a large coffee plantation, in a charming, old-fashioned hotel (middle class, built by the Dutch colonialists as the headquarters of the coffee plantations). Before we have our dinner in the colonial-style dining room of the hotel, we can take a bath in natural hot springs: this is guaranteed to be an unforgettable, and very relaxing experience - imagine the warm spring waters, the sounds of forest, the fading light of day and starlight in the wonderful surrounds of the plantation.

Before retiring for the night, you will receive a professional standard of briefing about the following day's excursion to the Ijen volcano - its activity levels and hazards.

PS: The hotel owners will not miss the opportunity to sell you the plantation's excellent Javanese coffee (a 250 gr pack costs around 2,5 EUR): this is your chance to bring home original "volcano coffee", with the label of the Ijen volcano plantations !)

Day 6: Early in the morning, well before sunrise, we drive a short way to the start of the trail that leads up to the active, beautiful crater of Kawah Ijen volcano (about 1 hr climbing) with its famous blue acid lake (the most acidic in the world!) and the hot, partly liquid sulphur deposits.

The fumaroles are so hot that sulphur comes out as green vapor. The vapor is collected by large pipes, through which the vapor condenses, and at the exit you see red rivulets of liquid sulphur, which then freeze to solid deposits. These deposits are quarried, in order to obtain huge blocks of pure sulphur. Ijen's sulphur deposits are infamous for the local workers who quarry the sulphur with primitive, health-devastating methods,- an incredibly difficult job.

Gas-masks are provided for your visit to the crater. After plenty of exploration time, we leave the Ijen Plateau transfer to Surabaya airport or other destinations trip conclude.

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