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Komodo and Flores Trip
Mount Kelimutu Trekking
Discover the Flores island and see the giant lizard of Komodo dragon with your own eye.
We will take you to see and discover the Flores island in 8 days 7 nights. Your trip will begin from the unique three color lake on mount Kelimutu then cruising to Komodo National Park with private boat to witnesses the pre history wild animal which is still life in their own habitat.

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Komodo Island Trip
Komodo Trip

Exploring the Komodo island, Rinca island, and its surrounding islands where designed as National Park and declared as a World Nature Heritage Site by UNESCO. We will explorer the islands by local wooden boat which will give you definitely a unique and exciting holiday experience. Your cruise will begin from Labuhan Bajo port, a first 2 hours sailing to Rinca island will tell why traveller love to travel to Komodo National Park.

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Komodo National Park Safari Scuba Dive Holiday Tour

Komodo Safari Scuba Dive Tour
Komodo Safari Scuba Dive Holiday Tour
Komodo National park is one of the richest marine environments in the world, and one of the most challenging diving destinations. It is a world class diving destination. Popular with scientists, photographers, and sport divers alike. The variety of marine life for Komodo scuba diving rivals the world's best dive destinations.
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This is the world's epicenter for marine diversity and you'll see loads of stuff here on a diving cruise that you just won't see anywhere else in the world - From sunfish, mantas, dolphins and eagle rays to pygmy seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, clown frogfish, nudibranchs and blue-ringed octopus - all at home amongst a spectacular range of colourful sponges, sea squirts, tunicates and corals - a macro enthusiast's heaven. Geologically, Komodo and Rinca are part of Flores, separated from Sumbawa to the west by the Sape Strait. In the middle of the strait, the bottom drops to almost 300 metres. There are many islands and relatively shallow seas between Flores and Komodo's west coast mean very fast currents at tidal changes, especially when the higher tidal waters of the Pacific Ocean in the north flow through into the Indian Ocean to the south. The upwellings from the deep surrounding seas bring nutrients and plankton to keep the waters of Komodo Island rich and well-fed, which makes perfect conditions for some spectacular scuba diving.

Komodo Dive Sites
There are over 50 dive sites that we like to visit encompassing a huge range of environments. We have comprehensive knowledge of the dive sites, conditions, and the ecology of komodo's marine environment. Here we list a few of the more commonly visited sites.

Cannibal Rock - Unlike many Komodo diving sites, there is little heart-stopping action here but in terms of colour and activity there are few better spots. There is just so much going on around this sea mount: purple gorgonians, anemones, yellow and white spiral corals and sea apples that together create a riot of colour. In and around this vibrant sessile tableau live all sorts of sea-life making night diving here simply awesome. All the while rays, snappers, sweetlips and turtles cruise around the rock. Night or day Cannibal Rock inspires.

Yellow Wall Of Texas - Another of Komodo National Park's signature dives, Yellow Wall is so called because of the proliferation of robust sea cucumbers - they are all over the place and their bright yellow hue dominates the vista. Not only does the wall itself promise much in the way of entertainment but sharks, manta rays and turtles are all frequent passers-by.

When To Go Diving In Komodo
You can go liveaboard diving in Komodo all year round. The liveaboards here do not close for an off-season because every month of the year promises top quality action. Overall, the absolute best visibility is from November to January.

January to March can have rough surface conditions at the northern dive sites. July and August can have rough seas in the south and Rinca. But these conditions rarely interfere with the liveaboard schedules to any great extent.

Diving Summary

Good For: Large animals, small animals, wall dives, underwater photography, drift diving, reef life and health and advanced divers
Not so good for: Wrecks and beginner divers
Depth: 5 to 40m
Visibility: 5 to 30m
Currents: Can be very strong
Surface Conditions: Can be rough
Water Temperatures: 20 - 28°C
Experience Level: Intermediate - advanced
Number of Dive sites: More ten 35
Distance: 490 km east of Bali (24 hours), 20 km west of Labuan Bajo (Flores, 2 hours), 90 km east southeast of Bima (Sumbawa, 8 hours)
Acces: Liveaboard cruises or Dive Safari Boat
Recommended Trip Duration: 6 - 11 days

Sea Conditions are usually very favorable. The Archipelago offers great protection from open ocean swells and many safe calm anchorages.

Weather is also very favourable for most of the year. Jan February do experience the north western monsoon. With wind and Rain. But we also have some of the clearest and warmest water on the southern sites at this time of the year.

Water temperatures range from 18- 28 Degrees Celcius.
Usually 21 to 24 degrees C in the south and 24-28 Degrees Celcius in the north. We reccomend a full length 3mm Suit for most sites but for liveaboards visiting the south a 5mm and Hood are sometimes required.

How to Book Komodo Island Holiday Tour
To book the Scuba Dive Safari Tour Package, you will need to email: info [at] lombokhotelandtravel.com or call us at +62 370 6650238 or +62 8175773060. Please describe your wish and want includes your details such as name and how many participants, nationality, date of travelling, etc. We are pleased to work on pre payment system, once your booking confirmed we will email you a booking reference number of your requested includes details trips and travellers, accommodation, date, price, name of the guide, and any included on the services. Also invoice stated of the service, when we receipt your payment into our account we will be then email you travel voucher for your travelling purpose.

Private Group
We only take small group of minimum of two persons and maximum 10 persons to maximize safety and service to all participants. The package are private only for your group, if you want to share with other group please contact us. The tour package are fully organized combine ecotourism, adventure, leisure, and safety.

Why Travel With Adventure Lombok,
We are specialize in personalized tours. This tours package are run in house, we don't on sale, to ensure your holiday tour will be professionally run and safe. We are at Adventure Lombok Tour are ready to chat to anyone regarding your dream trip to Indonesia Islands. We believe we offer the best service and the best tours on the island.

Our Komodo Diving Offer

Starting and ending point: Labuan Bajo village, Flores island.
From here we sail to the area of Komodo National Park, where the dive sites are located. The first dive sites are about 1,5 hour of sailing from Labuan Bajo. They are located in such way that every day we dive in a small area. It allows us to avoid long sailing during a day and makes it possible to spend time before and after a dive on the beach. For the nights we anchor in quiet bays.

Diving Trip Itinerary
We adapt the itinerary of every trip to weather conditions, expectations of the Clients and experience of divers.Depending on interests we stop in islands of Rinca or Komodo and organize trekking in order to see the famous dragons and other attractions. Trekking lasts about 2,5 hours and is led by the rangers from the national park.

We recommend a safari lasting one week, which could be organized at any time of the year. The time and number of days can be adapted to the requests of clients with a minimum of two persons.

For divers: 250 USD per day/person
For non-divers: 200 USD per day/person

Included in the price:
- board and lodging (three meals),
- mineral water,
- tea and coffee,
- three dives per day,
- transfer from the airport in Labuan Bajo to the boat.

Not included in the price:
- other drinks,
- entrance ticket to KOMODO National Park,
- equipment rental,
- tips for crew.

Boat Information
Our Boat Called "ARI JAYA" is a wooden boat, built from the most precious species of tropical wood from Flores Island. The lower part of the hull is made from pampa wood, the most resistant for the negative effects of salt water, the upper part from teak wood and nara wood. It has the traditional construction of fishermen's boats from that region and it has been fully adapted for the requirements of a professional diving safari boat.

- length: 20m.
- width: 4m.

Main deck:
- 4 cabins,
- bathroom (WC, wash-hand basin, shower)
- kitchen
- resting area in the shade
- diving space
- large and comfortable sun terrace on the roof

- 4 cylinders engine Mitsubishi 120 HP
- 10 kw genarator
- solar panels
- electricity 220V., 12V.
- dinghy, 3,5 m. with engine 15 HP
- tank of fresh water 4000 l.
- tank of fuel 1600 l.

4 for 2 people, with two windows (bull's eye), hight: 2m
Arrangement of the cabin: bed, shelves for clothes

Diving equipment:
- Bauer Mariner compressor
- 10 aluminium tanks, 12 l., INT valves
- oxygen tank,
- equipment for rent for 6 people

- Aleksandra or Dive master
- captain
- mechanic
- chef

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