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Cross Borneo Trip
Cross Borneo Trip
Experience the ultimate challenge by traversing one of the most rugged islands in the world from the east to west crossing jungles, hills, mountain, rivers, rapids, and wilderness.
We will take you to the lush of Borneo jungle with diversity of vegetation and animal wildlife. We will use land transportation, public houseboat and chartered motorized canoe to access the jungle for roughed days trekking.

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Borneo Island is an land to adventure the Unspoiled Jungle, the Great Ape of Orangutan, and the Mystical Culture of Dayak People. This world’s third largest island covers an area about 747.000 sq km, home of amazing plants and animals, such as; the rare black orchid, iron wood, gigantic dipterocarp tree, raflessia flower, the carnivorous pitcher plant, orangutan, proboscis monkey, gibbon, rhinoceros hornbill, argus pheasant, blue streak king fisher, sun bear, clouded leopard, king cobra and many more.

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6 Days Tour To Orangutan - Trip Deal To Orangutan

Borneo Orangutan Travel Information

Orangutans are large, intelligent great apes with medium long orange-brown fur, large heads and sturdy bodies, long arms, short bowed legs, and no tails. Their hands are similar to human hands with four long fingers and a thumb. Orangutans walk on legs and arms, but are able to stand and walk short distances on two legs. Both types of orangutans live in the tropical rainforest of Asia; one type on the island of Borneo and the other on Sumatra. Both orangutan species are endangered. Orangutans are a special type of primate called a great ape.

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They stand 1.5m tall at the shoulder (when on two legs). Orangutans, sometimes just called orangs, are the largest arboreal mammals. They love it in the trees, and spend most of their lives high above the floor of the rainforest. Endangered orangutans live in a few isolated lowland tropical rainforests on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. There are between 12-15,000 Bornean orangutans and less than 3,500 of the much rarer Sumatran orangutans. Both live in old tropical rainforests with a lush dense growth of dipterocarp and other tropical trees, at elevations up to 1,000m. Hot temperatures, daily rains, and humid conditions characterize these tropical rainforests throughout much of the year.

Interaction with Borneo Orangutan
For your information in Tanjung Puting National Park there is two different type of orangutan, first is orangutan who originally inhabitant in this park and we called it wild orangutan and second is the rehabilitant orangutan or ex-captive orangutan formerly confiscated and rescue from the people who keep them as a pet. For the wild orangutan it is difficult to play or interact with them due to they are shy animal and always keep the distance with human. For example if you put some fruits on the ground they will never take it till you go away or disappear from their sight. While with the ex-captive or rehabilitant orangutan you have a chance to play or interact with them.

Actually we do not recommend to initiate contact with them due to the rehabilation process to take them back to their natural habitat, but as they formerly live with human for years so they prefers to play then back to the jungle.orangutan tour It may happen while you trek or at the feeding time you meet them they would like to play with you. Take your hand and walk around the jungle so they will act like your trusty jungle guide :-), riding in your back or something else. It is not also recommend to feed them but in some cases is fine as long as you feed them with their natural food such as fruits. For your information, actually they have their own food in the jungle such as many different kind of fruits, young leaves, bark, termites, shoots, and very rare happen they eat small birds or eggs if they completely run out their food. To anticipate the competition to get food in the park and the fruits season is over so there is a feeding time for them once a day. We give them fruits and milk as supplement food and they can find the rest in the jungle.

Many of the orangutan which have already successfully rehabilitated still come to the rehabilitation center at Camp Leakey station to visit the rangers and to interactive with the new coming orangutans. Sometimes we can also encounter with the wild orangutans during easy trekking around the Camp Leakey which is also a research centre area.

The trip package duration are 6 days with grade level easy to moderate and your activities walking, adventure tourism and cruising by wooden boat called Klotok.

How to Book
To book The 6 Days Orangutan Tour Packages, you will need to email: info [at] lombokhotelandtravel.com or call us at +62 370 6650238 or +62 8175773060. Please describe your wish and want includes your details such as name and how many participants, nationality, date of travelling, etc. We are pleased to work on pre payment system, once your booking confirmed we will email you a booking reference number of your requested includes details trips and travellers, accommodation, date, price, name of the guide, and any included on the services. Also invoice stated of the service, when we receipt your payment into our account we will be then email you travel voucher for your travelling purpose.

Private Group
We only take small group of minimum of two persons and maximum 10 persons to maximize safety and service to all participants. The package are private only for your group, if you want to share with other group please contact us. The tour package are fully organized combine ecotourism, adventure, leisure, and safety.

Why Travel With Adventure Lombok,
We are specialize in personalized tours. This tours package are run in house, we don't on sale, to ensure your holiday tour will be professionally run and safe. We are at Adventure Lombok Tour are ready to chat to anyone regarding your dream trip to Indonesia Islands. We believe we offer the best service and the best tours on the island.

Orangutan Holiday Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Jakarta - Pangkalan Bun.
Free transfer from fm7 hotel service to Jakarta airport; fly to Pangkalan Bun on the island of Kalimantan directly by Trigana air. Upon arrival, you will be met by our local speaking English guide then directly transfer to your hotel in Pangkalan Bun. Afternoon (if the weather is clear) we will have city tour on the river of Pangkalan Bun by motor canoe and sightseeing for local afternoon activities. then back to your accommodation at Blue Kecubung Hotel for over night.

Day 2: Pangkalan bun Hotel - Kumai - Seikonyer River - Orang utan Tour.
After breakfast transfer to the small town of Kumai where you will board your boat, called a Kelotok, and meet your crew. Once boarded the crew will start the trip up to Tanjung Harapan village for a short tour and a chance to buy traditional crafts from the local Dayak people. Leave Tanjung Harapan village for the first chance to meet Orangutan at the Tanjung Harapan rehabilitation camp. After meeting staff from the camp and seeing Orangutan being prepared for eventual release we set off up the Seikonyer River and into the Leakey River to see Proboscis monkeys, Macaques, crocodiles, lizards and numerous bird species, including the magnificent Horn Bill. The night will be spent aboard your Klotok, sleeping on a bed set up by your crew with a mosquito net up on the top deck. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 3: Pondok Tanggui - Camp Leakey - Croc Lake.
After waking to the sounds of the jungle animals you will trek to see the morning viewing area where you can see orphaned Orangutan and maybe even some semi- wild Orangutan. After the morning feeding your Klotok sails further up the Leakey River towards camp Leakey where you will have a chance to visit the information centre to learn about the Orangutan as well as the other animals and plants of the Tanjung Putting National Park. From the visitors centre you will be led by a local Ranger and your guide on a trek through the Jungle around camp Leakey. Here you will have a chance to see some of the diverse range of wildlife that inhabits the area. It is possible to sometime see new dominant male 'Tom', the King Orangutan; . After the trek you will go back to the boat for Lunch and a rest. After lunch you will be led to a remote rainforest feeding station for the afternoon feeding. You will leave camp Leakey in the late afternoon to Croc Lake where we will spend the night. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 4: Croc Lake - Pondok Tanggui - Jungle Trek - Camping Ground in Forest.
The Breakfast will be served while the boat slowly head up to Pondok Tanggui. Arrived at Pondok Tanggui, we directly do jungle trekking across from Pondok Tanggui to Pesalat re-plantation camp. The experienced Local guide will give you the information during the treks and the 9KM jungle trek trail will be passing through the wilderness of Borneo, you will see big old trees which is still lining very dense. Sometimes you will see many kinds of wild animals of Borneo including Wild Orangutan, Sun Bear, Deer, wild Boar, Hornbill, and other great Borneo creatures. Lunch is already provided before by our cook, fresh lunch box in the mid of Borneo jungle. Arrived at Pesalat Camping Ground in the afternoon, take a rest and relax while the guide team is preparing Tent and Dinner. Having a dinner under sparkling stars in the wilderness of Borneo, making the night more romantic and natural with wild world known Borneo Jungle as a MEGA BIO DIVERSITY. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Day 5: Camping Ground in Forest - Pesalat re-plantation camp – Rimba Lodge
The morning singing by Gibbon, it will be heard clearly and making the morning more natural and you will get the peaceful of your soul in the tropical rainforest of Borneo which you never get this experience before. After Breakfast, leaving the camping ground to Pesalat jetty. The traditional wooden boat is already waiting in the jetty and escorts you to Rimba Lodge. Check in at Rimba Lodge and Relax, take your time and afternoon be ready to involve with unique local community in the Seikonyer village (Rimba lodge to village just neighbor). Last afternoon optional activities, you may do canoeing in the river and accompanied by experienced local children. Born to be wild...!!! Dinner and overnight at Rimba Lodge. (Breakfast, Lunch)

Day 6: Rimba Lodge - Pangkalan Bun Airport
After Breakfast, we will be leaving the park, village and especially the great creature of centre of Borneo – Indonesia by speed boat. Arrived in Kumai then directly transfer to airport for your next flight to Jakarta. You just left and take a few nice memory and wonderful time with us. Hoping you will be back again. Thank you for your participation by taking our tour. (Breakfast)

Wooden Boat Specification
Most of Wooden boat made in years 90's and Semi Modern Tourism Transformation
Length : 12 meters
Width : 4 meters
Height : 2 meters
Capacity : 4 persons max
Safety : Life Jackets
Facilities : Kitchen, Electricity, Western Toilet, Shower, Mattress, Pillow and Mosquito net.
Propulsion : This boat is powered by Kobota /or Yanmar engine.

What's Included:
- Local Speaking English Guide
- River transportation called wooden boat KELOTOK 12M lenght - 4M widht
- Speed boat
- 2 nights accommodation on boat
- 1 night in the tent(park jungle)
- 1 night at Rimba Lodge
- Traditional Borneo Steam Bath Called batimung
- Souvenir of Couple Orangutan statue made by iron wood(male & female)
- Police permit(copy of the first page of passport and visa are required)
- Entrance fee/park permit
- Fallboards meals during the trip as per itinerary
- Fruit
- Mineral water(aqua)
- Soft drink
- Cook
- Snack
- Tea/coffee
- Local porter who really knows about the trees and some herb for malaria anti-dot
- Donation for this NGO 5% for Orangutan Habitat Restoration

- Domestic and International Airfare
- Travel Insurance
- Laundry
- Health services
- Alcoholic Beverage
- Other personal expenses
- Force major cost if any